3.9 Giving Feedback

Every time a module is taught, it is appraised by means of an anonymous electronic questionnaire available to the students who have taken the module. The Module And Course Evaluation questionnaire (Accelerate) asks a wide range of questions relating to the module, and also includes space for free-form comments. Statistical indicators of student satisfaction and student commentaries are reported to the module leader who uses this information, along with other sources such as statistics on student performance, to complete an Annual Module Review report (AMR). AMRs are reviewed by departmental and college committees, including relevant Staff-Student Liaison Committees.

Many modules also allow time for informal, face-to-face feedback in the last session, to give you the opportunity to provide feedback to tutors.

And at the end of your degree you will be invited to respond to the National Student Survey (NSS): the most important index of student satisfaction for University degree programmes across the country.

We cannot stress enough how seriously we take student feedback, in all these forms. All feedback is carefully scrutinized, and students’ concerns regularly lead us to change the way we work, at all levels