3.3 Attendance


Students have to attend regularly and this is set down in their General Regulations for Students and the Taught Student Attendance Procedure. We keep an eye on attendance and contact individual students where necessary for two reasons; to ensure their welfare & wellbeing and to support their academic success. International students who hold Tier 4 visa must attend regularly as a condition of their visa.

The General Regulations for students requires all students to be in attendance from first day of term until the last day of term. Students following online programmes must engage with their studies throughout the programme. If for any reason this is not possible (for example, students may need to leave campus early to undertake work experience etc) you must contact your Hub Info Point with your request and provide evidence.

In the past we’ve asked taught students to sign a paper register but from September 2018 you’ll need to record that you’re at your teaching session (lecture, seminar, practical, tutorial) via the iExeter app using the digital check in function.

Digital check in

The digital check in system links to your personalised timetable and uses Bluetooth beacons in teaching rooms which interact with the iExeter app (available on smartphone and tablet). Using location services and Bluetooth, your device will alert you that you need to check in at the start of each teaching session.

This is what you need to do:

  • You must check in for every timetabled teaching session for your programme
  • You must enable your smartphone or tablet:
  • Ensure that you have the iExeter app downloaded on it. You will need the latest version installed and must log out and log back in to iExeter before your first teaching session at the start of each academic year
  • Enable push notifications for iExeter on your smartphone or tablet
  • Bring your smartphone or tablet to your timetabled teaching sessions
  • Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet. (Please note that the latest version of Bluetooth does not drain your device’s battery)
  • When the digital check in notification pops up, press the button to check in. Check in will be available 5 mins before your teaching starts and 10 mins after the start. If you don’t check in within this window you will be marked as absent for the session.
  • If for any reason you don’t get a notification pop-up, go into the iExeter app and click on the Online Check-in tile to check in manually. Unless you have the session in your timetable you will not be able to check in.

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet:

  • You can log on to iExeter from any device in the room (so you could ask to borrow and login to your friend or neighbour’s device if they are willing), or go to your Hub Info Point or Education Support Office as soon as possible after your session.

If you have any problems:

  • Please visit the nearest Hub Info Point Hub (or Education Support Office) as soon as possible after your teaching session where the team can help you check in manually

If you are unable to attend the teaching session due to sickness etc

  • You can now report sickness through the absence reporting tool in iExeter in the My course tile (see more details on this below)

How attendance data will be used

The University records attendance to confirm you are still studying and fulfilling the requirements of your programme. Where there are regular instances of non-attendance, it helps us provide academic and/or welfare support.

The Home Office requires the University to monitor the attendance of all its Tier 4 international students and to withdraw immigration sponsorship in any cases where attendance does not meet their prescribed criteria.

Your individual attendance data will be displayed in the MyProgress dashboard which will be visible to you and your academic tutor. Your tutor will discuss your attendance at your academic tutorial sessions.

Module leaders and hub administrative teams will also have access to the attendance database and will periodically review student engagement.

You may receive attendance warning emails for poor attendance and you will be required to take action as specified in the email. Failure to demonstrate a satisfactory level of attendance may result in referral to the Health Wellbeing and Support for Study procedure or Unsatisfactory Student Progress and Engagement Code of Good Practice.

Swapping seminar/tutorial groups

You should not swap seminar or tutorial groups without the agreement of your module tutor. Unless you confirm the change with your Hub Info Point, (in order for their timetable to be amended), this will show as a missed session in your attendance data.

Sickness reporting

If you are unable to attend a timetabled teaching session through sickness or other reasons, you must tell your discipline via iExeter (My Course - absence reporting). The student illness procedure provides more guidance on this. If you are absent for more than 7 successive days due to illness you will need to obtain a doctor’s certificate. The only times when permission for absence might be granted are:

1. Medical reasons.
2. Short absences on compassionate grounds
3. Bunacamp attendance (in line with the conditions).
4. Approved University visits, courses and exchanges.
5. Jury service.

If you miss a scheduled academic session without an approved absence, you will be recorded as absent and this will be visible on your MyProgress dashboard.


Digital check-in user guide for students 2018/19