3.11 Additional course costs

Staff in the College of Humanities are aware of the investment that students are making in their degrees, and are concerned to control additional course costs. For students entering the University from 2012 onwards, and therefore paying £9000 fees, we are committed to the following measures:

  1. Compulsory field trip costs will not be passed along, outside of tuition fees, to our students.  We define a compulsory field trip as one where the student’s degree programme specification requires his/her enrolment on a core module, and that module includes a compulsory field trip.

  2. Humanities students do not commonly require specialist equipment; however, there are a few exceptions (e.g. in practical Drama modules) where specific materials/equipment may be required to undertake core and some optional modules.  Undergraduate students will not be asked to purchase or pay for this equipment.

  3. Although the College does not make financial provision for the costs of books, photocopying or printing, module convenors will consider value for money when setting required texts, and will make sensible use of digitized material available via ELE sites. 

  4. We will ensure that students are aware, prior to completing module selection processes, of any module-specific field trips or travel costs, and any other costs to the student which are not provided through tuition fees.

  5. The additional costs associated with Study Abroad or Work Placements (e.g. travel, accommodation, etc.) are not routinely covered.  It is noted that Study Abroad and other year-out options are subject to reduced fees.