8.4 Work experience policy

Work experience

Whilst you are a current student, there are several opportunities to undertake paid work with the University of Exeter. You can apply for these opportunities through the Student Campus Partnership Scheme (SCP).  The College of Humanities is unable to offer unpaid work experience to students because of National Minimum Wage regulations. The exception to this is if you undertake work experience as part of a credit-bearing module (for instance Humanities in the Workplace). In this instance, guidance on how to apply for work experience will be provided as part of the module.

There are a range of other opportunities for students to gain work experience. These include paid internships through external organisations, part-time work and volunteering opportunities. If you are a student and feel that you need advice about finding the right work experience, you could make an appointment with a Careers Consultant or with the college employability officer, Laura Ibarra Hempel.  

Work shadowing

Work shadowing is the opportunity to observe someone in the workplace. It does not involve fulfilling work tasks and should not last for any more than 1 week in total. If a current student wants to shadow a member of staff from the College of Humanities, they should discuss this with the member of staff. The staff member will need to discuss it with their line manager to decide whether it is feasible and appropriate. There may be occasions where the college is unable to offer a shadowing opportunity – for instance, because of data protection or workload pressure.

It is not necessary for current students to sign an agreement with the staff member they shadow. However, all staff members must consider associated risks and confidentiality issues. Staff should complete the following templates below. Please, note that the Work Shadowing Confidentiality Agreement has to be agreed that it is fit for purpose on an individual basis: 

A. Work Shadowing Risk Assessment Form

B. Work Shadowing Confidentiality Agreement

Please note that only staff with access to the College of Humanities shared drive can complete these forms.

Both the Risk Assessment and Confidentiality Agreement need to be returned to the college’s employability team: humanities-employability@exeter.ac.uk

The University of Exeter’s legal liability will cover both the student and University staff member both on and off campus.

Requests from non-students

PLEASE NOTE: This policy only applies to requests from current Exeter students. If somebody requests to shadow your work from outside the University, you need to contact the University’s Insurance team directly to ensure that they are covered by the appropriate insurance. Please, also contact Laura Ibarra Hempel, College Employability Officer, for guidance as there may be additional paperwork that you are required to complete.