6.7 Submitting Work

6.71 Essay presentation

  • Use a clearly readable font such as Times New Roman or Arial
  • Use minimum of 11 point font size
  • Learn how to use accents when quoting in languages other than English
  • Use double-spacing and clear margins of at least 2.5 cm all around
  • Number your pages
  • Use automatic footnote facility
  • Add your student number to the top of all pages (in the interest of marking anonymity, please do not include your name)
  • Keep a copy of the work you hand in (correct version)
  • All printed work should be printed double-sided unless otherwise advised by your department.

6.72 Coursework Submission and eBART

All coursework submissions involve a two-stage process via Turnitin and E-BART. Please see the Online Submission Student Handbook for full details on how to submit work, as well as FAQs below. Please read these carefully.

We have set up a Humanities Turnitin Test Course that can be accessed from the course links in ELE. This allows you to submit any piece of work to Turnitin and review the Turnitin report for it. Guidance on reading a Turnitin report is provided on the ELE page. If you wish to re-test the same piece of work you may do so but please note that after three re-submissions, you will need to wait 24 hours to try again. Submission to this Test Course will not count as an actual submission.

Online student submission handbook 2018/19

Online submission student summary sheet 2018/19

Turnitin policy 2018/19

Turnitin FAQs Streatham

Turnitin FAQs Penryn


6.73 Submitting Work Twice

Please note that you may not submit the same work for two different assignments, or as part of two different assignments (whether on the same module or on different modules), unless the instructions for a specific piece of work explicitly allow such repetition. Where there is a degree of overlap or resemblance between the work submitted for two different assignments, please consult the tutors of the modules about the appropriate course of action.