6.14 Missing an Exam

It is a University requirement for all degree programmes that you must attend examinations as required. Make sure that you know when your examinations are to be held. If you are not sure check your online timetable or contact the Exams Office.

The following procedures apply in the case of absence from examinations:

  • If a student is absent from examinations with properly documented medical, or other extreme personal circumstances known to the College before the relevant Assessment, Progression and Awarding Committee (APAC), the examinations will be considered for deferral by the APAC (normally the following August/September).
  • If no reason for absence is produced by the student to the APAC, the student will be recommended to the Dean of Taught Faculty to be deemed to have withdrawn from the University.
  • If a student produces a reason explaining his/her absence to the APAC which does not fall under (a) above, the Committee will exercise discretion to regard the absence as a fail with a mark of 0 for the element or module in question.

It is therefore important that if you have missed an examination for medical or any other reason, you should contact the the Humanities Education Team (or get someone to do so on your behalf) immediately you become aware of the problem, and ensure that the appropriate documentation is submitted as soon as possible.