6.13 Missing an Assessed Group Presentation

If a student is absent for a reason not covered by the mitigation process, they are deemed to have failed the presentation component and a mark of zero should be returned for the assessment. Where it is possible to rearrange an assessment in an appropriate form (e.g. in the case of a performance), within two weeks, a capped mark (maximum 40%) will be given. If no alternative assessment is possible a mark of zero will be returned. Also note that an assessed presentation may count as a contact point for attendance monitoring and failure to attend will also be dealt with under the attendance monitoring procedures.

In cases where students are absent from assessed group presentations for reasons covered by the mitigation process (due to illness or other exceptional personal circumstances):

  • The member of staff concerned should ensure that the student submits mitigating evidence as per the standard procedures. Absence from an assessed group presentation is in effect absence from an exam.
  • Where possible, the member of staff should reschedule the presentation (this will not be feasible in many cases, but where it is, it is the best option).
  • Where (2) is not possible, the student should be asked to produce a script of what s/he would have said, including an explanation of how this fitted in with the rest of the group’s work, and fill in a coversheet. If feasible, the student should be asked to deliver an oral presentation of his/her contribution to the tutor. This presentation, together with supporting documentation, will be assessed by the tutor instead of a presentation to the class as a whole.

Where it seems that the remaining members of a group have been adversely affected in the presentation by the absence of a member of the group, staff must take this into account awarding a mark for the group as a whole.