6.17 Assessment Procedures for Overseas (Incoming Exchange) Students

The following policy applies to all overseas (incoming exchange) students studying in the College (Study Abroad, Erasmus, International Exchange, etc.), including students receiving credit only (i.e. not seeking an award from the University of Exeter).

We endeavour to treat all our incoming exchange students in the same way as our home students. This avoids uncertainty, and ensures that guidance is clear for all those studying with us. However, occasionally overseas (incoming exchange) students who study with us do not easily fit into our standard examining system and there are alternative assessment procedures for them to be examined as set out below and agreed with the Study Abroad Office. No changes can be made to these procedures except with the prior agreement of the Study Abroad Co-ordinator.

If modules are failed and not condonable, incoming exchange students must advise their Discipline Administrator of their intention to retake the assessment(s) as soon as the results are released. If no such notification is received it will be assumed that no 2nd attempt is required.

The following are the methods which will be used to assess the varying categories of foreign students:

Students spending the full academic year with us

Exchange students who are here for a year shall be assessed for their modules in the same way as the other students taking these modules. They are expected to remain in Exeter for the end of year examinations and to complete the same coursework assignments as other Exeter students. The weighting of these components in forming the final module mark will be the same as for other Exeter students.

Students spending only the first semester with us who will have returned home and thus will not be able to take part in the end of session examination

It will be necessary for these students to submit, by the end of the first semester, a suitable quantity of coursework, which can be used as a substitute for the end of session examination. The exact quantity and nature of this work will be agreed with the module convener and the Study Abroad co-ordinator. The final module assessment will be comprised of the marks for all these submissions. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware of their obligations when an exam assessment is being replaced by coursework.

Students who are with us for only one semester will not be allowed to take part of a module which runs for the entire year.

Students spending only the second semester with us and who will therefore be with us for the examinations

If the module is a one-semester one offered during the second semester they shall sit the end of session examination in the same way and on the same terms as our own students. They shall submit the same quantity of coursework as our own students and the final module mark will be calculated in the same way as for other Exeter students.

Students who are with us for the second semester only will not be allowed to take part of a module which runs for the entire year.


*Students taking modules outside of the College of Humanities must seek approval from the Study Abroad Coordinator in the other College/discipline (http://www.exeter.ac.uk/international/studyabroad/inbound/keycontacts/).  Please note that permission is not guaranteed.