6.4 Double-marking and Moderation

All summative work (that is, all work which contributes to the classification of your award), both coursework and examination papers, will be either moderated or double marked. Individual disciplines decide which approach they wish to take to marking for their subject at undergraduate level; moderation of marks is the minimum requirement expected of all markers.

Double marking is the process by which a piece of work is marked by two markers, who agree a final mark (or marks) for the purpose of classification. In ‘double blind’ marking, which is a version of double marking, neither marker is aware of the other’s assessment decision in formulating their own mark.

Moderation, as defined by the University, is the process by which marks are checked against feedback to ensure that the mark awarded is appropriate (for the purpose of assuring the standard of the award). Departmental practices may vary slightly, as appropriate for particular forms of assessment. Please consult departmental handbooks or personal tutors.

For further information please consult the University’s Handbook for Assessment, Progression and Awarding: Taught Programmes.