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We hope you will have an enjoyable and interesting year studying in the History department.

The History handbook focuses on the day-to-day things you need to know to undertake your studies in History at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.  In particular, it provides guides for written work and presentations, and information on the marking criteria we use for assessing your work.  You need to read it carefully and use it as a reference guide as you will be expected to follow the guidelines it provides.  

It does not repeat the general information which is available through the College or University websites; rather it is designed to work in conjunction with them.  The most useful information you also need to know will be found in the following:

• The College of Humanities Taught Students Handbook (https://intranet.exeter.ac.uk/humanities/yourprogramme/taughthandbook/) which provides important information on a variety of topics, practical matters and procedures that affect you including how your degree programme works, your rights and responsibilities, how to choose modules, arrangements for  assessment and feedback on your work, and where to get support and advice.  It also includes information and links relating to Wellbeing and Academic Support.

• The History Department pages (http://humanities.exeter.ac.uk/history/) contain a wealth of information about the department, its provision for undergraduates and postgraduate taught students, and its staff

• More general information about your studies and overall degree programmes is available through the College of Humanities intranet including the specifications for your particular degree programme here (http://intranet.exeter.ac.uk/humanities/studying/undergraduates/programmes/), descriptions of all the modules we offer (though please be aware that they are NOT ALL taught each year) here (http://intranet.exeter.ac.uk/humanities/studying/undergraduates/modules/ ) and  specific guidance for Postgraduate Taught Students here (http://intranet.exeter.ac.uk/humanities/studying/postgraduatetaught/)

If you have any questions, these are the first places to look, but please feel free to contact the staff in the Humanities Hub in the Amory Building at history@exeter.ac.uk or by dropping into the Hub behind Amory reception, or a module tutor if you still can’t find the answer you need.  For non-module related enquiries postgraduate taught students should contact the postgraduate taught students co-ordinator, Dr Gregory Lippiatt (G.E.Lippiatt@exeter.ac.uk). 

Every student in the department is assigned a personal tutor, who is available during office hours (you can check when these are here (http://intranet.exeter.ac.uk/humanities/staff/hours/) to discuss progress and to help with any problems that may arise.  If all else fails, you are always welcome to contact me directly at H.M.Berry@exeter.ac.uk

The History department is well known for both its teaching and its research. We hope you will participate fully in both these aspects of the life of the department, either by joining the Student-Staff Liaison Committee, the History Society, or by attending the many research seminars we hold throughout the year, attendance at which will enhance your own studies.  Both undergraduates and postgraduates are strong encouraged to attend the research seminars and further details of research seminar programmes and other events are available here (http://humanities.exeter.ac.uk/history/research/seminars/).

Finally, if you are thinking of continuing your studies at Exeter after you graduate from your degree, information about funding opportunities for further study at both MA and PhD level is available at (http://humanities.exeter.ac.uk/history/studying/masters/) and (http://humanities.exeter.ac.uk/researchdegrees/)

Professor Helen Berry
Head of History


For general History study queries, please contact the staff in the Amory Humanities Hub. Their contact details are as follows:


+44 (0) 1392 724297

Hub (behind the reception desk), Amory Building

College Taught Handbook

For College wide policies and procedures for taught students, including information about attendance, mitigation and support, please see the College Taught Handbook