Student participation, seminars, conference and teaching opportunities

As developing researchers, and often teachers, research students make a very significant contribution to the academic, intellectual and social life of the College.  Accordingly we place great emphasis on your participation in attending and organising seminars, conferences and reading groups, in presenting and discussing your work and the work of your peers.  Details of events happening within the College can be found on the intranet and the College Events database

We are also aware that it is important that you also have opportunity to meet socially with PGR students from other disciplines within the College.  There is a coffee morning every fortnight during term time in the Senior Common Room, Queen’s Building.  Details of days and times can be found on the intranet.

Disciplines regularly hold research seminars with both internal and external speakers. The College consider these sessions to be a vital part of postgraduate training and student attendance at these seminars is therefore strongly encouraged.

The Humanities PGR conference is an opportunity to get involved and gain experience of organising a conference and presenting a paper.  Attendance at, and participation in, the College’s PGR annual conference is considered compulsory, unless there are mitigating circumstances. Each student is required to present a paper at least twice during their studies.

Each discipline within the College has a Postgraduate Research Liaison Forum, which is open to the entire graduate research student cohort in that discipline; it includes staff representation, and is chaired by a student member elected by the forum members. 

The PGRLFs are an important means by which to voice your views and concerns about your studies. Their purpose is to enable students and staff jointly to participate in the management and improvement of postgraduate provision within the College. 

Each PGRLF meets once a term. Notice of meetings and a request for agenda items are emailed around to all students prior to the meetings. Concerns raised by the PGRLF are addressed by the PGR Support Officer and, if necessary, the College Director of Postgraduate Research. The minutes of each meeting are emailed to all PGR’s within the discipline, the discipline DPGR and the student Guild.  They are also posted the PGRLF page on the College intranet and are considered by the College’s Graduate Research Strategy Group as part of its normal business. 

There is also a College wide meeting once a term. 

Details of the University's policy on the operation of PGRLFs.