MyPGR is a web-based tool attached to the student record system to support your postgraduate research programme. The facility is shared by students, supervisors, PGR Pastoral Tutors, professional services staff and management at the University. 

Throughout each academic year you will have a series of evenly distributed contact events assigned to your MyPGR record, as a reminder of the frequency with which you should arrange to meet with your supervisor, and to allow you to record the details of your supervisory meeting on the system. Some students will have more contact events than others according to the structure and requirements of their programme. Automatic email alerts will be sent to you when a contact point is soon due to prompt you to organise a meeting. Some students may find that their programme means they meet their supervisor more regularly than the standard contact points, so there are facilities to add extra “ad-hoc” events and to upload documents. 

Whether mandatory or ad-hoc, you will add details of events including what was discussed and any agreed actions. Once submitted, your supervisor or mentor will receive an email from MyPGR with a link to the information you provided. They will then comment as necessary, upload any documents and sign off the event. The contact event is then closed and locked, acting as a permanent record which can be viewed at any time. You will receive an email to say your supervisor has signed off the event. 

To access MyPGR you need to log into exehub and log into the student record screen. You will see in the top right of the screen a section devoted to MyPGR for you to use. Alternatively you can log in directly to MyPGR via SRS

Please note that the use of MyPGR to record supervisory discussions and progress is compulsory for all research students. The PGR Support team regularly audits completion of contact events y throughout the year to ensure that the system is used appropriately. 

Further guidance on the use of MyPGR can be found here.