Insurance for Research Undertaken Outside the UK

If you are planning to undertake research outside the UK (interviews, researching archives etc.), you are advised to take a letter of introduction stating who you are, your programme, discipline, and research topic. Such ID is often required by institutions in other countries where a student ID card is unacceptable.  This information is contained in a letter from the Ethics Committee, so please check with your supervisors if you need Ethics Committee approval for your research (e.g. interviewing). The Ethics guidelines are given in the previous section. 

If you plan to visit archives and there are no ethical implications, then you may ask for a letter from the PGR Support Team ( You can photocopy multiple copies for the institutions you wish to visit. 

Travel Insurance

The University's travel insurance provides very wide cover for postgraduate research students going abroad to conduct research. Cover includes unlimited medical expenses, medical repatriation, loss of personal belongings, loss of University equipment, travel cancellation, alteration and delay and is free for registered students. 

Before you travel you must complete the online International Travel Form at least two weeks before you travel, as it may be necessary to assess the insurance available to students visiting politically unstable regions. 

Similarly, if your travel falls into the high risk category e.g. field work, field trip involving students or travel to an extreme risk country then the leader of the trip is responsible for ensuring that a safety in the field / Risk Assessment form is completed. In order to help you understand the risks in the country you are visiting please refer to the ACE website (access code is 7872). A definition of high risk travel may be helpful in completing the risk assessment part of the form.