Postgrad student with computer

Postgraduate Study

Research Student Handbook

1. The Humanities Graduate School

1.1. Humanities Graduate School Office
1.2. Directors of Postgraduate Study (DPGR)
1.3. Communication (University/Student) 

2. Registration, Induction, Attendance, Change of Status    

2.1. Registration
2.2. Attendance and Workloads
2.3. Absence from Campus
2.4. Annual leave
2.5. Off campus Students
2.6. Change of status (mode of attendance, interruptions, withdrawals) 

3. Research Supervision  

3.1. Supervisory teams
3.2. Initial supervisory meeting
3.3. Frequency of contact
3.4. Mode of contact 
3.5. Records of supervision meetings 
3.6. Reviewing progress and training 
3.7. Research leave of supervisor 
3.8. Change of supervisor 
3.9. Mentoring 

4. MyPGR    

5. Progress monitoring and completion

5.1. Progression
5.2. Annual Monitoring
5.3. Dealing with unsatisfactory progress
5.4. De-registration outside of the Annual Monitoring Review process
5.5. Maximum period of study and completion     

6. Transfer from MPhil to PhD Header 

6.1. Initial registration status
6.2. Timing of transfers
6.3. Membership of the Transfer Panel
6.4. Purpose of the Transfer from MPhil to PhD process
6.5. Submission requirements 
6.6. Outcome of transfer interview 

7. Transfer of registration from MA by Research to MPhil/PhD   

7.1 Purpose of the Transfer from MA by Research to MPhil Process
7.2 Timings of transfers
7.3 Membership of the Transfer Panel
7.4 Outcome of upgrade interview

8. Research Training  

9. Ethics Approval 

10. Insurance for Research Undertaken Outside the Uk

11. Research, Writing and Thesis Requirements

11.1. Requirements of a research thesis
11.2. Regulations
11.3. Format of the thesis
11.4. Research misconduct
11.5. Research Data Management and Open Access    

12. Submission and Examination Processes

12.1 Nomination of examiners
12.2 Examination - the viva
12.3 Outcomes of the viva

13. Student participation, seminas, conferences and teaching opportunities

13.1 Student participtation
13.2 Attendance at discipline-specific seminars
13.3 PGR annual conference
13.4 Discipline Postgraduate Research Liaison Forums (PGRLF)
13.5 Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

14. Student support and facilities (including personal allowances and study spaces)

14.1 Research Students' Allowance
14.2 Library
14.3 Workstations and computers
14.4 College Social Spaces
14.5 Research Commons - bookable desks
14.6 English Language Support
14.7 Equality and Diversity
14.8 Other Sources of Help and Support
14.9 Problems and complaints

15. Information specific to students studying on a 'By Practice' basis

15.1 ‘By Practice’ Programmes
15.2 Definitions
15.3 Supervision
15.4 PGR Liaison Forum
15.5 Transfer from MPhil to PhD for ‘By Practice’ programmes
15.6 Appointment of Examiners
15.7 Variations of submission requirements
15.8 Presentation of dissertation/thesis
15.9 Format of submission of thesis to examiners
15.10 Recommendations available to the Board of Examiners
15.11 Final submission onto Open Research Exeter (ORE)