Humanities PGR Liaison Forum

The PGR Liaison Forums are made up of both student and staff representatives and chaired by a student member.  It is an opportunity to come together as a department and discuss all matters relating to postgraduate research students. Forums are held in each discipline in the College and at College level.


  • To enable Humanities research students and staff jointly to participate in improving the quality of Humanities research student provision.
  • To facilitate communication between Humanities research students and staff within Humanities.
  • To identify and address areas of concern to Humanities research students and staff.
  • To assist Humanities research student contributions at all levels of decision-making concerning unreserved business within the discipline and College.
  • To disseminate examples of good practice.
  • To provide documentary evidence of the participation of Humanities research students in the quality assurance and development of the graduate research programmes delivered by the discipline and College.
  • To assist in the inclusion of all new and existing graduate research students into academic networks, and the development of those networks.
  • To facilitate communication with regard to action taken against feedback received from Humanities research students.

The University guidance for running PGR Liaison Forums is available at: