Humanities Study Abroad

First of all, welcome to the Humanities Study Abroad pages! We are delighted that you are here as it means you must be thinking about spending part of your degree programme abroad.

The chance to take part in Study Abroad is open to all of our undergraduate students but the opportunities that are available to you depend on your subject of study.

The College of Humanities works alongside the University of Exeter Study Abroad team to deliver the Study Abroad programme. However, our Humanities Study Abroad team acts as your first point of contact in engaging with Study Abroad. The team consists of Steve Bassett (Student Experience Officer), Lindsay Tuck (Study Abroad Administrator), Matt Burden (Study Abroad Assistant) and Dr Ting Guo and Dr Francesco Goglia (Study Abroad Academic Coordinators).

For general information and advice please click on the relevant link below. Alternatively, you can contact the team.

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You've submitted your application


When you're abroad


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