Welcome to the Humanities Careers and Employability intranet pages! 

Wondering what Employability is and how it relates to you and your degree? HEFCE have described it as 'a set of achievements, understandings and personal attributes that make individuals more likely to gain employment and to be successful in their chosen occupations'.

We're here to help you to make sense of the wide variety of resources and opportunities open to you. Take a look around our site here, or get in touch at humanities-employability@exeter.ac.uk!

Mair George, Humanities Employability Officer, supports work placements by building links with employers and external organisations. Mair also organises Employer and Alumni events and Professional Development sessions especially for Humanities students. 

Hayley Johns, Employability and Alumni Assistant for the College, assists with co-ordinating events and provides administrative support.

If you need to contact the Humanities Careers Team, please email humanities-employability@exeter.ac.uk, or you can visit us in the East Wing Admin Office, Queen's Building. 

Careers Consultants (Streatham)

Ian Hodges, Rowanna Smith, Tom McAndrew and Mark Armitage

Mark, Rowanna, Tom and Ian are the College's designated Careers Consultants at Streatham Campus. You can book a careers guidance appointment with one of them by visiting the Career Zone in The Forum or by phoning 01392 724493. 

Our Careers Consultants deliver professional development sessions specifically for Humanities students and you will meet them at least once a year at your discipline's careers talk.

Careers Consultants (Penryn)

Jenny Clark and Rachel Coombes are the two Careers Consultants who support students at the Penryn Campus. You can book a careers guidance appointment with one of them via My Career Zone.

Jenny and Rachel deliver professional development sessions for Humanities students and you will also meet them at least once a year at your discipline's careers talk. 

In each discipline there is an Academic member of staff who promotes the employability needs and interests of their students. If you have any ideas of events that would be of interest to your discipline, or have suggestions about how to improve the service you receive then they will be pleased to hear from you.

Discipline Name Email
Archaeology  Dr Hajnalka Herold H.Herold@exeter.ac.uk
Art History and Visual Culture Joao Florencio J.Florencio@exeter.ac.uk
Classics and Ancient History Dr Christopher Siwicki C.S.Siwicki@exeter.ac.uk
Drama Dr Bryan Brown B.Brown@exeter.ac.uk
English & Film (Streatham) Dr Debra Ramsay D.Ramsay@exeter.ac.uk
History (Streatham) Dr Laura Sangha L.S.Sangha@exeter.ac.uk
Liberal Arts Mair George M.A.George@exeter.ac.uk
Modern Languages Isabel Moros l.Moros@exeter.ac.uk
Theology & Religion Professor Morwenna Ludlow M.A.Ludlow@exeter.ac.uk
HUMS in Penryn Dr Natalie Pollard Natalie.Pollard@exeter.ac.uk

Branches and Branches Streatham are the two student employability committees in the College of Humanities.

Branches is based on the Penryn campus and is made up of representatives across English and History. If you're interested in getting involved or would like to connect with them please go to their Facebook page.

Branches Streatham is made up of employability representatives from all the disciplines on campus. If you're interested in finding out more or would like to connect with them please go to their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.


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