Please check your building's fire assembly point

Your Health and Safety

Whether you are a student, a member of staff, or a visitor, the University has responsibilities towards you, to ensure the campus environment and the activities you undertake as part of your studies and work are safe. You also have responsibilities - to familiarise yourself with the safety procedures that have been set up, and to behave in accordance with these procedures.

Please read through the details of this section, and other parts of the University it links to, to ensure you know what to do in an emergency. For other types of emergency, please see the University's page on Emergency Information for Staff.

First aid

In the event of an emergency please contact your nearest first aider. These are listed on signs throughout each building. For a full list of first aiders, please see the Health and Safety Office's First Aiders website.

For more information on what to do in an emergency please see the University First Aid website.

Fire safety

On discovering a fire, you should:
  • sound the alarm
  • call the Fire Service by dialling (9)999 - be prepared to give them the address of the building, with postcode (below)
  • if you have been trained to do so, summon help and attack the fire with available equipment, after turning off gas and electricity
On hearing the fire alarm, you should:
  • close any windows and doors
  • check adjacent rooms to warn inhabitants who may not have heard the alarm
  • leave the building quickly by the nearest available exit
  • notify the fire marshals of any person not accounted for
  • do not use the lifts
  • go to the appropriate assembly point
  • notify Estate Patrol if others have not already done so

For staff who wish to become a Fire Marshal, there are training courses available which cover the practical elements of tackling small fires. Please contact the Buildings Administrator (Catherine Bell) for further details.

Fire assembly points

In the event of a fire please go to your nearest fire assembly point. During building works, fire assembly points can be temporarily moved, and building users will be informed in advance of this. For more information on evacuation and fire assembly points please contact either the College ACM for Infrastructure (Gary Stringer) or the University Fire Safety Manager (John Howkins).

LocationPostcodeAssembly Point
Queen's EX4 4QH in the Queen's car park
Amory (front) EX4 4RJ on the grass opposite, near to the Streatham Court
Amory (rear) EX4 4RJ on the road opposite, in front of Harrison Building
Laver (front)
EX4 4QE on the grass in front, near the back of Amory
Roborough EX4 4SB outside the front of the Chapel
Thornlea EX4 4LA in the car park
Penryn Campus   Cornwall Fire Assembly Points Map

Fire Marshals are appointed in each building, and are there to ensure the swift and safe evacuation of the building should the fire alarm sound. If you are asked to leave the building by them, please do so quickly and calmly, and follow their instructions where given. Remember to gather only in the assembly points listed.

Safety standards and policies

We have a College of Humanities Health Safety and Environment Policy, which determines the structure of responsibilities and reporting of safety issues within the College. It also details our responsibilities to all students, staff and visitors, which commit us to a healthy and safe working environment which considers sustainability and environmental impact. 

The University has an overarching Health and Safety policy which governs how safety is managed throughout the institution, and a collection of standards which all students, staff and visitors must adhere to. For more information, please visit the University Health and Safety website.