The College has a wide variety of facilities


Please browse the following list of facilities available within the College of Humanities in Exeter and Cornwall.


Queen’s Building

Humanities Education Team (main foyer)
Seminar rooms and lecture theatres
The Foreign Language Centre and Language Resource Area
IT suites: 24/7 Cluster Room B, 24/7 Cluster Room M, and the Postgraduate Common Room PC cluster
Postgraduate common rooms: Queen’s Senior Common Room and Queen’s Postgraduate Common Room
The Graduate Office (East Wing, ground floor)
The East Wing Office (Professional Services)

Amory Building

Classics & Ancient History Office
History Office
Theology & Religion/Liberal Arts Office
Seminar rooms and lecture theatres
IT suites: Ground floor PC cluster (Amory Study Centre) and Postgraduate PC clusters
Amory Senior Common Room

Laver Building

Archaeology Office
Seminar rooms and lecture theatres
Experimental Archaeology laboratories
Clean lab with fume cupboards for chemical work
Landscape archaeology project office, complete with large-format scanner for maps and plans
Microscope room equipped with high-spec microscopes and image processing facilities
Kiln room for ceramics
Wet labs for artefact and environmental sample processing
Sets of high and low power teaching microscopes and state-of-the-art surveying equipment (including resistivity equipment, magnetometer, differential and hand-held GPS and total station theodolite and geophysical equipment)

Thornlea & Roborough

Drama Office
The White House: Studios
The Alexander Building: Performance studios, Rehearsal spaces, Seminar rooms, Computer suites, Costume and properties stores & workshops, Sound and multimedia studios
The Roborough Building: Rehearsal studios, Performance space, Lighting and sound resources, Scenic & furniture stores


The Main Library (Forum) and Main Library PC clusters
The Old Library and Research Commons, including the Bill Douglas Centre for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture
The Media Centre located at the Phoenix Arts Centre (Film Studies has a working relationship with the Phoenix Arts Centre with whom it shares equipment and editing facilities)

To check the availability of the PC clusters on Exeter campus please see the Find an available PC on campus page.


Peter Lanyon Building

Student Information Desk/Education Support Services Office
Seminar rooms and lecture theatres
Undergraduate PC clusters
Postgraduate Study Room

Tremough House

Postgraduate PC cluster

Daphne du Maurier

The Learning Resource Centre Library
The Learning Resource Centre IT Suite
The Learning Resource Centre IT Training Suite