Renewable Energy

2015/16 modules

Note: not all modules may be running this year. If you have any queries please contact (Streatham Campus) or (Penryn Campus).

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Module CodeTitleCoordinatorCredit
CSM1027Mathematics 1A Ken O'Brien15
CSM1032Renewable Energy Systems 1Dr Adam Feldman15
CSM1033Mathematics 1B Ken O'Brien15
CSM1037Science for Energy EngineeringDr Asif Tahir15
CSM1039Energy Policy, Markets and Law Prof Peter Connor15
CSM1040Mathematics for Energy Systems Ken O'Brien15
CSM1256Engineering MechanicsDr Justin Hinshelwood15
CSM1257Thermodynamics and Fluid MechanicsProf Richard Cochrane15
CSM1259Electrical and Electronic PrinciplesDr Senthilarasu Sundaram15
CSM1287Spatial Analysis and Design Tools15
CSM2045Energy ManagementDr David Parish15
CSM2177Electrical Energy Conversion and TransportProf Mohammad Abusara15
CSM2178Fluids MechanicsDr Justin Hinshelwood15
CSM2179Mathematics 2Dr Markus Mueller15
CSM2181Renewable Energy Systems 2Prof Richard Cochrane15
CSM2187Project Management and Accounting Neill Wood15
CSM2188Mechanics of MaterialsProf Philipp Thies15
CSM2318Applied ThermodynamicsDr Asif Tahir15
CSM3034Third Year Field Course (Group Project)Dr Helen C M Smith10
CSM3035Network Engineering, Modelling and ManagementProf Mohammad Abusara10
CSM3055Marine Renewable Energy and Hydropower10
CSM3058Energy Policy, Markets and LawProf Peter Connor10
CSM3062Life Cycle AnalysisDr Xiaoyu Yan10
CSM3063Wind Energy15
CSM3065Low Carbon HeatProf Richard Cochrane10
CSM3199Environmental Permitting & Management10
CSM3363GIS and CAD for Renewable Energy10
CSM3365Energy Storage TechnologyProf Xiaohong Li10
CSM3367Data Acquisition and Control Ken O'Brien10
CSM3370Work Placement ReportProf Richard Cochrane10
CSM3371Solar Power10
CSM3372Energy Generation from Biomass 10
CSM3375Sustainable ArchitectureDr Adam Feldman10
CSM3403Renewable Energy Dissertation 30
CSMM401Professional Ethics, Competence and Commercial AwarenessDr Adam Feldman15
CSMM402Industry Placement Project40
CSMM403Further Electrical and Electronics EngineeringProf Mohammad Abusara15
CSMM404Advanced Marine Renewable EnergyProf Lars Johanning15
CSMM409Group Design ProjectDr Justin Hinshelwood20
CSMM415Advanced Wind Energy15
CSMM427Solar Energy Research and InnovationProf Tapas Mallick15