How can I find the room I'm supposed to be in?

There is a map of the campus on the University website with all buildings labelled. Alternatively, contact the Peter Chalk Information Hub.

How can I get access to teaching staff in person?

You can find a staff member by dropping by at their office, but you may find them busy. It is usually more convenient to arrange an appointment in advance by contacting them by email. You can look up staff email addresses on the University's email directory.

Where can I find information?

The University uses email for routine communications. You will be provided with an email account at the beginning of each academic year. Check your email at any campus computer. Please note that only email addresses will be used for correspondence. Students who opt for other email addresses are warned that they may not receive important information, and that we will not take responsibility for this.

Returned work can be collected from reception in the Peter Chalk Information Hub.

Some information may be placed on the notice boards or on the plasma screens. The notice boards in the Geoffrey Pope Building are on the link to the Peter Chalk Centre and there is a plasma screen in the Geoffrey Pope foyer and Info at Peter Chalk.

Are there lockers for me to keep my stuff in?

Lockers are available for you to store your stuff in whilst you are in the laboratory in Geoffrey Pope. These require a £1 coin to operate.

Where can I do my photocopying?

There are photocopiers in the Forum Library.

Where can I get training in IT?

Help is available from IT Services, who can be contacted via the IT Helpdesk.

Where can I get a lab coat and safety glasses?

A lab coat will be issued to you during Welcome Week. A spare pair of safety glasses and lab book will be given to you in the first lab class. If you don't bring one to a practical class, then we will charge you £1 to hire one of ours.