Mining and Minerals Engineering

2020/21 modules

Note: not all modules may be running this year. If you have any queries please contact (Streatham Campus) or (Penryn Campus).

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Module CodeTitleCoordinatorCredit
CSM1027Mathematics 1ADr Declan Vogt, Dr Houry Melkonian15
CSM1028Surveying and CADDr Sam Hughes15
CSM1029Mining and Minerals EngineeringDr Andrew Wetherelt15
CSM1030GeologyDr Robin Shail15
CSM1033Mathematics 1BDr Houry Melkonian15
CSM1041Quantitative Methods for GeoscientistsDr Declan Vogt, Dr Houry Melkonian15
CSM1042Dynamic PlanetDr Robin Shail15
CSM1045Surveying and Digital MappingDr Sam Hughes15
CSM1256Engineering MechanicsDr Ajit C Pillai15
CSM1257Thermodynamics and Fluid MechanicsProf Richard Cochrane15
CSM1259Electrical and Electronic PrinciplesDr Declan Vogt15
CSM2050Safety and Sustainable DevelopmentProf Patrick Foster15
CSM2177Electrical Energy Conversion and TransportProf Mohammad Abusara15
CSM2178Fluids MechanicsDr Justin Hinshelwood15
CSM2179Mathematics 2Dr Houry Melkonian15
CSM2180Mining and SurveyingDr Andrew Wetherelt15
CSM2185GeotechnicsDr Lewis Meyer15
CSM2186Surface Mining and Mine Transport Dr Andrew Wetherelt15
CSM2187Project Management and Accounting Neill Wood15
CSM2188Mechanics of MaterialsProf Philipp Thies15
CSM3038Surface Excavation DesignProf John Coggan15
CSM3039Safety and Sustainable DevelopmentProf Patrick Foster15
CSM3040Minerals EngineeringDr Robert Fitzpatrick15
CSM3041Tunnelling and Excavation DesignProf John Coggan15
CSM3042Industrial Placement & ProjectMr Paul Wheeler15
CSM3043Working Environment and VentilationProf Patrick Foster15
CSM3044Mining Economics and DesignMr Paul Wheeler15
CSM3332Feasibility Study Mr Paul Wheeler15
CSMM083Resource EstimationProf Hylke J Glass15
CSMM118Project and DissertationMr Paul Wheeler60
CSMM128Professional Development15
CSMM130Excavation and Geomechanics Prof John Coggan15
CSMM131Health and Safety in the Extractive IndustryProf Patrick Foster15
CSMM134Land Surveying Neill Wood15
CSMM135Economics, Processing & EnvironmentMr Paul Wheeler15
CSMM136Project Management Neill Wood15
CSMM139Advanced Surveying Neill Wood15
CSMM140Surface Excavation Design Prof John Coggan15
CSMM143GIS For Surveyors Neill Wood15
CSMM145Production and Cost Estimation Mr Paul Wheeler15
CSMM153Mine Planning and DesignDr Lewis Meyer15
CSMM177DiscoveryProf Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM178DesignProf Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM179RecoveryProf Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM180Impact Prof Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM181Surface MiningProf John Coggan30
CSMM182Underground MiningProf John Coggan30
CSMM183Business SkillsProf Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM184Business Impact Research ProjectProf Kip Jeffrey45
CSMM185Soil and Water ContaminationDr Rich Crane15
CSMM186Underground ConstructionDr Andrew Wetherelt15
CSMM187Underground Excavation DesignProf John Coggan15
CSMM188Working Environment and VentilationProf Patrick Foster15
CSMM189GIS and Remote SensingDr Benedikt Steiner15
CSMM190Site Investigation Including Near Surface Geophysics Neill Wood, Mr Kim Moreton15
CSMM191Mineral Property Management and LawMr Kim Moreton15
CSMM192Advanced Geoscientific Software and Data ManagementDr Benedikt Steiner15
CSMM193Exploration TargetingDr Benedikt Steiner15
CSMM194Exploration and Mining GeologyDr Benedikt Steiner15
CSMM416Mineral Process Design Dr Robert Fitzpatrick15
CSMM417Advanced Mine Ventilation & Modelling Prof Patrick Foster15
CSMM418Mine AutomationDr Matthew Eyre15
CSMM419Advanced Mine DesignDr Lewis Meyer15
CSMM420Individual Research ProjectDr Andrew Wetherelt30
CSMM421Group Design ProjectDr Matthew Eyre30
CSMM429Industrial Rocks and MineralsProf Kip Jeffrey15
CSMM430Comminution, Flotation and Physical SeparationDr Robert Fitzpatrick15
CSMM431Extractive Metallurgy15
CSMM433Sampling Theory and Data AnalysisProf Hylke J Glass15
CSMM435Process Modelling, Design and Optimisation15
CSMM436Material Handling, Dewatering and Waste ManagementDr Robert Fitzpatrick15
CSMM437Mineral Process Design and Modelling30
CSMM438Principles of Minerals Process Engineering30
CSMM441Mine Waste Characterisation, Prediction and TreatmentProf Karen Hudson-Edwards15
CSMM442Politics, Mining and Sustainable DevelopmentDr Penda Diallo15
CSMM443Research Project and Scientific ArticleProf Karen Hudson-Edwards90
CSMM444Soil Mechanics with Mine Tailings EngineeringProf Karen Hudson-Edwards15
CSMM445Geometallurgy and Resource ModellingProf Hylke J Glass15