2019/20 modules

Note: not all modules may be running this year. If you have any queries please contact (Streatham Campus) or (Penryn Campus).

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Module CodeTitleCoordinatorCredit
ECMM702Methods for Stochastics and FinanceProf F Hugo Lambert15
ECMM703Analysis and Computation for FinanceDr Frank Kwasniok15
ECMM705Mathematical Sciences Project 3Dr Frank Kwasniok30
ECMM706Mathematical Theory of Option Pricing Prof Mark Holland15
ECMM717Advanced Topics in Statistics15
ECMM718Dynamical Systems and ChaosProf Peter Ashwin15
ECMM719Fluid Dynamics of Atmospheres and OceansProf Geoffrey Vallis15
ECMM721Advanced Mathematics ProjectDr Frank Kwasniok60
ECMM723Modelling the Weather and ClimateProf Bob Beare15
ECMM724Mathematical Analysis of Biological Systems 15
ECMM728Algebraic Number TheoryProf Andreas Langer15
ECMM729Algebraic CurvesDr Valentina Di Proietto15
ECMM730Waves, Instabilities and TurbulenceProf Beth Wingate15
ECMM731Magnetic Fields and Fluid FlowsDr Joanne Mason15
ECMM732Mathematics, Business and Finance ProjectDr Frank Kwasniok30
ECMM733Statistical Modelling in Space and TimeProf Peter Challenor15
ECMM736Research in Mathematical Sciences15
ECMM738Computational Finance with C++15
ECMM739Numerical Finance30
ECMM740MSci ProjectDr Ozgur Akman45
ECMM741Analytic Number TheoryDr Julio Andrade15
ECMM742Advanced Probability TheoryDr Alexey Korepanov15
ECMM743Logic, Models and SetsDr Robert Barham15
EMP2001Ambassadors for ScienceDr Barrie Cooper15
EMP3001Commercial and Industrial ExperienceProf Prathyush P Menon15
EMP3003Professional ExperienceProf Prathyush P Menon45
MTHM001Functional AnalysisDr Robin Chapman15
MTHM004Fractal GeometryDr Jimmy Tseng15
MTHM044MMATH Project in StatisticsProf Daniel Williamson45
MTHM045Space Weather and PlasmasDr Claire Foullon15
NSCM005Mathematical Modelling in Biology and MedicineDr Ozgur Akman15