2018/19 modules

Note: not all modules may be running this year. If you have any queries please contact (Streatham Campus) or (Penryn Campus).

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Module CodeTitleCoordinatorCredit
MTH1000FoundationsMs Aileen MacGregor0
MTH1001Mathematical StructuresProf Nigel Byott30
MTH1002Mathematical Methods30
MTH1003Mathematical ModellingProf John Thuburn30
MTH1004Probability, Statistics and DataProf Peter Challenor30
MTH2001AnalysisDr Jimmy Tseng30
MTH2002AlgebraDr Gihan Marasingha30
MTH2003Differential EquationsProf Vadim N Biktashev15
MTH2004Vector Calculus and ApplicationsDr Claire Foullon15
MTH2005Modelling: Theory and PracticeProf Bob Beare30
MTH2006Statistical Modelling and InferenceDr Christopher Ferro30
MTH3001Theory of Weather and ClimateDr Tim Jupp15
MTH3004Number Theory15
MTH3006Mathematical Biology and Ecology15
MTH3007Fluid Dynamics15
MTH3008Partial Differential Equations15
MTH3011Nonlinear Systems and Control15
MTH3012Advanced Statistical Modelling15
MTH3019Mathematics: History and Culture15
MTH3021Combinatorics 15
MTH3022Graphs, Networks and Algorithms15
MTH3024Stochastic Processes15
MTH3025Semester of Mathematical Studies Abroad60
MTH3027Special Topics in Statistics 15
MTH3028Statistical Inference: Theory and Practice15
MTH3030Mathematics of Climate Change15
MTH3032Applications of Geometry and Topology15
MTH3035Mathematics Group Project15
MTH3037Mathematical Sciences Project 15
MTH3038Galois Theory15
MTH3039Computational Nonlinear Dynamics15
MTH3040Topology and Metric Spaces15
MTH3041Bayesian statistics, Philosophy and Practice15
MTHM001Functional Analysis15
MTHM002Methods for Stochastics and Finance15
MTHM003Analysis and Computation for Finance15
MTHM004Fractal GeometryDr Jimmy Tseng15
MTHM005Mathematical Sciences Project30
MTHM006Mathematical Theory of Option Pricing 15
MTHM017Advanced Topics in Statistics15
MTHM018Dynamical Systems and Chaos15
MTHM019Fluid Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans15
MTHM021Advanced Mathematics Project60
MTHM023Modelling the Weather and Climate15
MTHM025The Climate System15
MTHM028Algebraic Number Theory15
MTHM029Algebraic Curves15
MTHM030Waves, Instabilities and Turbulence15
MTHM031Magnetic Fields and Fluid Flows15
MTHM032Mathematics, Business and Finance Project30
MTHM033Statistical Modelling in Space and Time15
MTHM036Research in Mathematical Sciences15
MTHM040MSci Project45
MTHM041Analytic Number Theory15
MTHM042Advanced Probability Theory15
MTHM043Logic, Models and Sets15
MTHM044MMATH Project in StatisticsProf Daniel Williamson45
MTHM045Space Weather and PlasmasDr Claire Foullon15