Mathematics Module descriptors

Please click the appropriate link below for the module descriptors for the required academic year.

If you are looking to change a module please read the Student Services information on how to change module.


Elective modules:

Most Mathematics programmes allow students to take Electives, that is modules from elsewhere in the College or University not listed explicitly in the Degree Programme Specification.

Such modules are subject to approval, and in particular must not contain content that overlaps substantially with the modules that are offered in our degree programmes. 

If you wish to select an elective module with the business school you will be provisionally enrolled until this can be approved by our CEMPS module team that the module is allowed by your programme.

The following modules cannot be selected by Mathematics students - the list is current, but not exhaustive: 


ECM1110 Engineering Mathematics

ECM1416 Computational Mathematics

BEA1012 Introduction to Statistics for Accountants

BEE1020 Basic Mathematical Economics

BEE1022 Introduction to Statistics

BEE1023 Introduction to Econometrics

BEE1025 Statistics for Business and Management

BEE1024 Mathematics for Economists

BEE3054 Advanced Mathematics for Economists

BEEM103 Optimisation techniques for economists

PHY1025 Mathematics Skills

PHY1026 Mathematics for Physicists I

PHY2025 Mathematics with Physical Applications

PHY1021 Vector Mechanics

PHY1023 Waves and Optics

ESS1701 Introduction to Statistics

PSY1205 Statistics