Key contacts

The table below outlines a number of critical Education roles within Mathematics, which academic staff hold. Please note that the role holders may be subject to change:-

Head of Discipline Gavin Shaddick
Director of Education

Gihan Marasingha

Tim Jupp 

Peter Ashwin

Director of Research Beth Wingate
Undergraduate Chair of Board of Examiners Gavin Shaddick
Postgraduate Chair of Board of Examiners John Thuburn
PGT Programme Lead Mark Holland
PGR Programme Coordinator

Chris Ferro

Director of Education (Penryn)

Stuart Townley

Assessment Officer Robin Chapman
Senior Tutor

Hugo Lambert

Academic Misconduct Officer

Mitchell Berger

International Officer

Pierre Friedlingstein

Purushothama Prathyush

Employability Representative

Mark Baldwin

AcessAbility Liaison Officer

Vadim Biktashev

Admissions Officers (Streatham)

Tim Jupp

Mitchell Berger

Admissions Officer (Penryn)

Markus Mueller

Library Officer Mustafa Aziz