2016/17 modules

Note: not all modules may be running this year. If you have any queries please contact (Streatham Campus) or (Penryn Campus).

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Module CodeTitleCoordinatorCredit
CSM1027Mathematics 1A Ken O'Brien15
CSM1028Surveying and CADDr Sam Hughes15
CSM1030GeologyDr Robin Shail15
CSM1031Earth and Environmental ChemistryDr Christopher Bryan15
CSM1034Crystallography and MineralogyProf Frances Wall15
CSM1035Stratigraphy & PalaeontologyDr Ian Bailey15
CSM1036Field Geology and Geological MapsDr Ian Bailey30
CSM2047StratigraphyProf Stephen Hesselbo15
CSM2182Structural Geology and TectonicsDr Robin Shail30
CSM2183SedimentologyProf Stephen Hesselbo30
CSM2184Geological Mapping TechniquesDr Robin Shail15
CSM2185GeotechnicsDr Lewis Meyer15
CSM2312Igneous and Metamorphic PetrologyDr Kathryn Moore30
CSM3038Surface Excavation DesignProf John Coggan15
CSM3041Tunnelling and Excavation DesignProf John Coggan15
CSM3046Mineral Deposit GeologyProf Jens C. Andersen15
CSM3047GIS for GeologistsDr Robin Shail15
CSM3048Applied Field GeologyProf Ben Williamson15
CSM3049Contaminated Land Management and RemediationProf Ben Williamson15
CSM3059Evolution of Earth and Planetary SystemsDr Kathryn Moore15
CSM3060Dynamic Climates of the PastDr Kate Littler15
CSM3151Exploration TechniquesMr Benedikt Steiner15
CSM3152HydrogeologyDr Mirko Francioni15
CSM3379Summer Vacation ProjectDr Kathryn Moore30
CSMM047Research Project and DissertationMr Paul Wheeler60
CSMM083Resource EstimationProf Hylke J Glass15
CSMM109Ore Deposit Geology and Industrial MineralsMr Paul Wheeler30
CSMM110Techniques in Mining GeologyMr Benedikt Steiner30
CSMM118Project and DissertationProf John Coggan60
CSMM127Advanced Techniques for Mineral AnalysisDr Joe Pickles15
CSMM130Excavation and Geomechanics Prof John Coggan15
CSMM131Health and Safety in the Extractive IndustryProf Patrick Foster15
CSMM132Mineral Processing15
CSMM135Economics, Processing & EnvironmentMr Paul Wheeler15
CSMM136Project Management Neill Wood15
CSMM137HydrogeologyDr Mirko Francioni15
CSMM140Surface Excavation Design Prof John Coggan15
CSMM141Mine Wastes: Principles, Monitoring and Remediation15
CSMM144Tunnelling and Underground Excavation Prof John Coggan15
CSMM145Production and Cost Estimation Mr Paul Wheeler15
CSMM147Advanced Mineral Resource Assessment15
CSMM153Mine Planning and DesignDr Lewis Meyer15
CSMM176Geomechanics Computer Modelling for Excavation DesignProf John Coggan15
CSMM185Soil and Water ContaminationDr Christopher Bryan15