Key contacts

The table below outlines a number of critical Education roles within Geology, which academic staff hold. Please note that the role holders may be subject to change:

Head of CSM Kip Jeffrey
Director of Education

Richard Pascoe

Patrick Foster

PGT Programme Lead (Mining Geology) Hylke Glass
PGT Programme Lead (Mining Related) John Coggan
PGT Programme Lead (SLEM) Neill Wood
PGT Programme Lead (Minerals)  
UG Programme Lead (Geology) Ben Williamson
UG Programme Lead (Mining Engineering) Andy Wetherelt
Academic Misconduct Officer Christopher Bryan
AccessAbility Liaison Officer Jamie Horsley
Admissions Officer Frances Wall
Assessment Officer

Bob Barley

Andy Wetherelt

Robin Shail

Employability Officer Andy Wetherelt
International Officer Kip Jeffrey
Library Officer Ian Bailey
Senior Tutor Richard Pascoe