ECM3174 - Year in Industry (2019)

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MODULE CODEECM3174 MODULE CONVENERDr David Moxey (Coordinator)
DURATION: WEEKS 52 weeks 0 0
Number of Students Taking Module (anticipated) 4
DESCRIPTION - summary of the module content

The Year in Industry module will provide you with an opportunity to undertake practical work experience in a business, commercial or public sector engineering environment that is of direct relevance to your development as an experienced professional. You will apply the knowledge and skills from taught modules in the workplace, which will give you important insights into your potential job role once you graduate from university.

You will be responsible for finding your own placement (with support from the Student Experience and Employability Team and Career Zone), having developed the technical and career management skills necessary under ECM2112. All paperwork must be submitted by you, and approved by the module leader at least 4 weeks in advance of the start date for your placement. You can undertake your work placement in the UK, any part of the European Union countries that participate in the Erasmus+ programme, or other approved international setting.

AIMS - intentions of the module

The aim of this module is to provide practical work experience in a business, commercial or public sector setting that is of direct relevance to the subject-specific aims of your degree programme. Crucially, the module will also develop and enhance critical soft skills which are in demand within the engineering sector, e.g. communication, team working, time management, planning, resilience, commercial awareness.

INTENDED LEARNING OUTCOMES (ILOs) (see assessment section below for how ILOs will be assessed)

On successful completion of this module you should be able to:


Module Specific Skills and Knowledge: D1p/D1m, D2p/D2m, D4p/D4m

1. Demonstrate the acquisition of new knowledge and practical skills, the specifics being dependent on the particular work placement undertaken;

Discipline Specific Skills and Knowledge: D3p/D3m, D4p/D4m, D6p/D6m, D7m, ET1p/ET1m, ET3p/ET3m, ET5p/ET5m, ET7m, EP1p/EP1m, EP3p/EP3m, EP5p/EP5m, EP6p/EP6m, EP7p / EP7m

2. Apply academic knowledge to professional practice;

3. Produce a concise technical report;

4. Produce a record of Independent Personal Development commensurate with that required at a professional level to demonstrate competence.

Personal and Key Transferable / Employment Skills and Knowledge: D6p/D6m, ET1p/ET1m, ET2p/ET2m, ET6p/ET6m, ET7m, EP9p/EP11m, G1p/G1m, G4p/G4m

5. Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to the placement provider’s needs;

6. Identify key personal and professional development objectives in relation to the placement and evaluating performance and development against these;

7. Understand the placement provider’s organisation and how you fit within it;

8. Understand and demonstrating appropriate professional behaviour;

9. Use the information gained on the placement to inform career goals.


SYLLABUS PLAN - summary of the structure and academic content of the module

The work that you will carry out depends on the nature and type of placement you are undertaking. However, it is mandatory that your employer gives you the opportunity to work on a substantial piece of work. This piece of work should form the basis of the technical report section of your Year in Industry report.

Finding a suitable placement:

It is up to you to find and successfully apply for a suitable Placement Organisation that meets the criteria for this module. However, support for you in identifying potential placement providers and applying will be provided via module ECM2112 (Professional Studies and Skills Development 2), the Student Experience and Employability Team and Career Zone.

Before commencement of the placement:

The chosen Placement Organisation and the work to be undertaken are both subject to approval by the Module Convenor, who draws up a formal agreement to be deposited with the College. Usually, this agreement will be made on the basis of an exchange of letters between the Placement Organisation and the Module Convenor, which sets out aims and objectives, duties and obligations of all parties involved. Once this agreement is complete, the Module Convenor will make you aware of the named link person in the College and the named link person in the Placement Organisation who are responsible for your pastoral/tutorial support, and of the nature of this support. Where the Placement Organisation is overseas and the language spoken is not English, you may be required to demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the language concerned in tests set by the Foreign Language Centre. Before commencement of the placement, you will be issued with a copy of the Engineering Year in Industry Placement Handbook by the Module Convenor.

During the Placement:

Progress during the placement you will be monitored through:

- Termly submission of an updated IPD record

- Two monitoring meetings at the host organisation, attended by the link person within the College, to discuss progress and matters of interest and/or concern. Where it is not feasible for the College link to visit the host organisation in person then this meeting may take the form of a video conference or skype call.

After Completion of the Placement:

Towards the end of the Placement, the main form of assessment takes the form of a Year in Industry report. This will be due around the middle of July, and will include:

- a description of one or more technical projects you undertook during placement;

- a reflective aspect describing the skills you learned and challenges undertaken during the placement;

- a host employer evaluation of your performance during the placement;

- your completed independent professional development pack.

After you return from the Placement Organisation and undertake the next stage of your degree, you will also present a poster that outlines the key aspects of your placement in an exhibition of all placements undertaken by fellow College undergraduates.

Scheduled Learning & Teaching Activities 6.00 Guided Independent Study Placement / Study Abroad
Category Hours of study time Description
Scheduled Learning and Teaching Activities 6 Supervisory meetings and termly emails
Guided Independent Study   Work placement and assessment preparation


FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT - for feedback and development purposes; does not count towards module grade
Form of Assessment Size of Assessment (e.g. duration/length) ILOs Assessed Feedback Method
Quarterly update of IPD 4 submissions 1-9 Written
2 Meetings during placement (this may take place in person or via video conference) 2 meetings 7-8 Oral
Host Evaluation Performance during Placement 2, 7, 8 Oral
Updated LinkedIn Profile to include work placement experience and additional skills. Variable depending on standard of original profile 1, 8, 9 Written


Coursework 80 Written Exams 0 Practical Exams 20
Form of Assessment % of Credit Size of Assessment (e.g. duration/length) ILOs Assessed Feedback Method
Year in Industry Report 80 4-5000 words 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Written mark sheet
Poster presentation and discussion 20 20 minute discussion 1, 2, 7 Written mark sheet


DETAILS OF RE-ASSESSMENT (where required by referral or deferral)
Original Form of Assessment Form of Re-assessment ILOs Re-assessed Time Scale for Re-assessment



Re-assessment is not available for this module. If you are unable to secure an industrial placement for this module, or you do not pass the placement module, then your programme registration will be transferred to the corresponding programme without ‘Year in Industry’.

INDICATIVE LEARNING RESOURCES - The following list is offered as an indication of the type & level of
information that you are expected to consult. Further guidance will be provided by the Module Convener

Basic reading:

Davies, John W, Communication for Engineering Students, Harlow (1996)

Bowden,J, Writing a Report: How to Prepare, Write and Present Effective Reports, 8th, How To Books Ltd (2008), ISBN: 978-1845282936

Neugebaur, J, Making the Most of your Placement, Sage Publications (2009), ISBN: 978-184787


Web based and Electronic Resources:

My Career Zone -

Career Mentor Scheme -

eXepert -

Career Sectors -

Gradcracker -

The Student Engineer -

Reading list for this module:

Type Author Title Edition Publisher Year ISBN Search
Set Bowden, J. Writing a Report: How to Prepare, Write and Present Effective Reports 8th How To Books Ltd 2008 978-1845282936 [Library]
Set Neugebaur, J Making the Most of your Placement Sage Publications 2009 978-1847875686 [Library]
Set Davies, J.W Communication for Engineering Students Longman 1996 058-2256488 [Library]
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