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2017/18 modules

Note: not all modules may be running this year. If you have any queries please contact (Streatham Campus) or (Penryn Campus).

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Module CodeTitleCoordinatorCredit
ECM1101Professional Studies and Skills Development 1Dr Maria Rosaria Marsico15
ECM1102Core Engineering 1Professor Shaowei Zhang30
ECM1106Electronics for Engineers: Core Engineering 2Dr Mustafa Aziz15
ECM1107Materials and Manufacturing: Core Engineering 2Prof Meiling Zhu15
ECM1108Engineering Mechanics: Core Engineering 2Dr Ki Young Koo15
ECM1110Engineering Mathematics Ms Aileen MacGregor30
ECM1200Core EngineeringDr Raffaele Vinai30
ECM1201Mathematics for Engineers Dr Khurram Wadee15
ECM1203Professional Studies and Skills Development ADr Sean Carroll15
ECM2102Management and Management ScienceDr Voicu Ion Sucala15
ECM2103Introduction to Mechanical Engineering DesignDr Timothy Holsgrove15
ECM2105Control EngineeringProf Christopher Edwards15
ECM2106Manufacturing SystemsProf David Zhang15
ECM2108Construction Methods and MaterialsDr Prakash Kripakaran15
ECM2109StructuresDr Khurram Wadee15
ECM2110Geotechnics 1Prof Akbar Javadi15
ECM2111Mathematical Modelling of Engineering SystemsProf Mike Belmont15
ECM2112Professional Studies and Skills Development 2Dr Matthew Baker15
ECM2113Thermofluid EngineeringDr Yongde Xia15
ECM2114Solid MechanicsDr Julian Londono Monsalve15
ECM2115PICS, Microcontrollers and Microprocessors Dr Dibin Zhu15
ECM2117Communication and Networking TechnologiesDr Dibin Zhu15
ECM2118Analogue and Digital Electronics DesignDr Mustafa Aziz15
ECM2119Mathematical Modelling and Control Engineering Prof Mike Belmont15
ECM2120Materials Engineering Dr Yongde Xia15
ECM3101Individual Project (BEng)Prof Raziyeh Farmani30
ECM3102Individual Project (MEng)Prof Raziyeh Farmani30
ECM3130Engineering in Society and Company FinanceDr Voicu Ion Sucala15
ECM3149Commercial and Industrial Experience and Individual Project (BEng/MEng) Dr Halim Alwi45
ECM3150Electromagnetics and Wave Propagation Dr Anna Baldycheva15
ECM3151Thermofluids and Energy Conversion Prof Gavin Tabor15
ECM3152Computational Engineering Prof Gavin Tabor15
ECM3153Management of Product Development Dr Xin Ma15
ECM3154Manufacturing Prof Christopher Smith15
ECM3155Structural Engineering Dr Prakash Kripakaran15
ECM3156Civil Engineering Hydraulics Prof Guangtao Fu15
ECM3157Geotechnics 2 Prof Akbar Javadi15
ECM3158Water Resources and Pollution Control Prof Fayyaz Ali Memon15
ECM3159Management of Processes and People Dr Xin Ma15
ECM3160Materials Dr Yongde Xia15
ECM3161Civil Engineering Design Studies Prof Raziyeh Farmani15
ECM3162Electronic Engineering Design Studies Dr Mustafa Aziz15
ECM3163Mechanical Engineering Design Studies Dr Timothy Holsgrove15
ECM3164Operations Management Dr Baris Yuce15
ECM3165Digital Signal Processing Prof C. David Wright15
ECM3166Communications Engineering Dr Isaac Luxmoore15
ECM3171Computer Aided Engineering DrawingDr Maria Rosaria Marsico15
ECM3172Study Abroad SemesterDr Khurram Wadee60
ECM3173Structural DymanicsDr Julian Londono Monsalve15
ECMM102Group Project (MEng)Prof James Brownjohn60
ECMM103Computer Aided Engineering DesignDr Maria Rosaria Marsico15
ECMM107Mechanics of MaterialsProf Christopher Smith15
ECMM108Advanced Structural EngineeringDr Khurram Wadee15
ECMM109Advanced Geotechnical EngineeringProf Akbar Javadi15
ECMM110Water and Environmental SystemsProf Guangtao Fu15
ECMM112Manufacturing Supply Chain ManagementProf David Zhang15
ECMM113Agile, Lean and Competitive EnterpriseProf David Zhang15
ECMM124Hydroinformatics ToolsProf Dragan Savic FREng15
ECMM127Advanced Materials EngineeringProf Yanqiu Zhu15
ECMM128Management ConceptsDr Baris Yuce15
ECMM132Urban Drainage and Waste Water ManagementProf Slobodan Djordjevic15
ECMM133Water Supply and Distribution ManagementProf Zoran Kapelan15
ECMM134Environmental ProcessesProf Fayyaz Ali Memon15
ECMM136Systems Analysis in EngineeringDr Halim Alwi15
ECMM140Vibration Engineering Dr Ki Young Koo15
ECMM141Multivariable State-Space ControlProf Christopher Edwards15
ECMM142Contemporary Advanced Materials ResearchDr Yongde Xia15
ECMM144Environmental and Computational Hydraulics15
ECMM145Computational Hydrology15
ECMM146Mathematical Modelling of Waste Water Treatment Processes15
ECMM147Mechatronics: Sensors and Machine AutomationProf Meiling Zhu15
ECMM148Advanced CFDProf Gavin Tabor15
ECMM149Linear Systems and Structural AnalysisDr Prakash Kripakaran15
ECMM150Structural DesignDr Khurram Wadee15
ECMM151Introduction to Earthquake EngineeringProf James Brownjohn15
ECMM153Conceptual Design of BuildingsDr Maria Rosaria Marsico15
ECMM158Active and Passive Structural Control Dr Maria Rosaria Marsico15
ECMM159Structural Health and Performance MonitoringDr Ki Young Koo15
ECMM160Engineering Materials and the EnvironmentProf Oana Ghita15
ECMM162Water Management in Developing CountriesProf Fayyaz Ali Memon15
ECMM163Sustainable EngineeringDr Matt Eames15
ECMM164MSc DissertationMs Aileen MacGregor60
ECMM168Project ManagementDr Voicu Ion Sucala15
ECMM171Programming for EngineeringDr David Moxey, Dr Evangelos Papatheou15
ECMM172Management ScienceDr Voicu Ion Sucala15
ECMM173Lean Thinking and Sustainability in IndustryDr Miying Yang15
ECMM178Computational Techniques for EngineersProf Gino Hrkac15
ECMM179Global Sourcing and Logistics Management15
EMP3001Commercial and Industrial ExperienceDr Prathyush P Menon15