The following information relates to the Streatham Campus. For information and guidance for students at Penryn, please contact your module leader or personal tutor. If your query remains unresolved, then please email.

Streatham campus

Please note:  When you first view your timetable, you may only be able to see your compulsory modules. Once your chosen options / electives have been approved, these will be added to your timetable, but there will be a delay of a couple of days before you will be able to see your completed timetable.

What will my timetable look like?

Here is an example of a first year time table:


  • You can access your timetable through iExeter, and also through the My Timetable page. If you have any problems accessing or reading your timetable, please visit the Harrison Hub or email emps-timetable@exeter.ac.uk 
  • Check whether your lectures and tutorials are running in Term 1 or Term 2
  • Always look at the current week on your timetable as rooms / times may change week to week and some classes only run on certain weeks and not all term
  • Some modules will have two/three lectures a week, and you must to attend all sessions that appear in your timetable
  • Lectures start at 8.30am on Monday 25th September 2017 - find out beforehand where they are taking place as they may not be in the Physics / Harrison buildings. Tutorials do not start until week 2 or even later unless you have been specifically informed.

Frequently asked questions

When do classes start and finish?

Classes may be timetabled between 8.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, although we try to keep Wednesday afternoons free from teaching. In order to allow for changeovers, classes start at five minutes past the hour, and finish five minutes before the hour.

I am not recognised as having a valid student status

The University authentication system can't identify you. If you are sure you that you have used the correct username and password, you should contact SID (Student Information Desk) for assistance.

My ID is not recognised when I use 'My Timetable' to get my personal timetable

Your student record must show that you are a current UoE student registered (not provisional) on at least one credit-bearing module. Make sure that you have completed your registration within the University.

I get a message that my timetable is not yet available, when will it be available?

Your personal on-line timetable may have been suppressed. The message should have given further information, but if that is insufficient, you should visit the Harrison Hub or email emps-timetable@exeter.ac.uk 

My personal timetable shows no classes OR is incomplete

The default view in iExeter is for the 'current' week, which may have none of your classes running. Try looking at a different period.

The College may not yet have attached you to some, or all, of your classes within the timetable. Please visit the Harrison Hub or email emps-timetable@exeter.ac.uk

My personal timetable shows a clash

Are you sure that the apparently conflicting classes occur in the same week?

The teaching timetable is planned and built to provide a clash-free timetable for the majority of students. This is not always possible where, for example, students are repeating failed modules or are taking non-standard combinations of modules. If your timetable shows conflicting classes visit the Harrison Hub or email emps-timetable@exeter.ac.uk

I wish to change to another class group

Please visit your the Harrison Hub or email emps-timetable@exeter.ac.uk to see what is possible.

I have changed modules, but the old module is still shown or the new module is not shown

Once a change has been made to your student record, the revised information is normally available within the timetable the next working day. For a new module, the College must attach you to its classes within the timetable before you can see them and this may take a few days to appear on your timetable.