Student responsibilities

As a student of this College you have a number of responsibilities to fulfil. These are designed to help you with your studies and make your time at the University as productive and fulfilling as possible. The majority of these points are simply common sense, however, please do make sure that you are aware of them as ignorance of their existence is not an excuse for misconduct.


  • Students must be in attendance as appropriate to their programme of study by the first day of term and must remain in attendance until the last day of term;
  • Students must attend all scheduled classes, having completed the required preparation;
  • No student may be absent from any assigned academic activities, except for illness, unless you are explicitly informed otherwise, or without prior permission from the Director of Education for the discipline concerned;
  • Further information regarding attendance regulations can be found on the page.

Keep the University informed

  • Students must inform the Student Services Office of any changes to address, programme or module choices, or reasons for absences from lectures etc;
  • For absence due to illness, the procedures to relating to medical certification and the Personal Sickness Certificate can be downloaded from the University Guidance Notes and Statement of Procedures:  Student Illness.

Stay informed

  • Students should regularly check their University email, pigeonholes, noticeboards, intranet and exehub site;
  • Attend any year group meetings;
  • Know the full details of their programme timetable;
  • Familiarise themselves with all the relevant Health & Safety regulations, notices and equipment;
  • Be aware of who their student representatives are on College committees.

Act responsibly

  • It is important to show respect and courtesy to all members of staff and fellow students;
  • Treat the College and University facilities properly;
  • Students should present themselves punctually for University examinations in accordance with instructions given to them.

Study responsibly

  • Students should ensure that they are fully registered on the appropriate programmes and modules at the beginning of the year;
  • They should make sure their module choices fulfil the requirements of their programme;
  • Return all official forms, completed and signed, by the required deadline;
  • Familiarise themselves with the University's coursework hand-in procedures, ensuring that all coursework assignments are submitted in the appropriate place, with a cover sheet, and by the deadline set;
  • Do not participate in any acts of Academic Misconduct, and ensure they are familiar with the necessary procedures and penalties;
  • Meet regularly with their Personal Tutor, and undertake Personal Development Planning;
  • Attend all relevant exams and conform to rules of conduct for exams.

Stay properly equipped

  • Students should ensure that they have all the relevant stationary and equipment for their modules;
  • Obtain copies of necessary texts and other important course materials;
  • Make sure they have an approved calculator, bearing the University’s tamper-proof sticker, for exams.

For the full list of the University-wide regulations governing student conduct, please see the General Regulations for Students page.