Student membership of professional (accrediting) institutions

Membership of a professional body is an important core strand of a student’s personal professional development, and students are encouraged to become a member of the Institution that accredits the programme on which they are registered, in order to take advantage of the benefits that are on offer.

Professional accrediting Institutions (PIs) normally offer a student membership grade, and this is often free. A current list of accredited programmes, including links to PIs and membership information online is available to students via the College Student Intranet Taught Programmes pages, by clicking on 'Programme accreditation' under the appropriate subject area.

Student membership of professional (accrediting) institutions:  College policy

The following policy is applicable for students who have entered a programme within the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences in or after the academic year 2013/14. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they read this College Policy before applying for membership of a Professional Institution.

From 2013 / 14 entry, a student (taught programmes) who applies for student membership of an appropriate Professional Institution (PI)* (i.e. one which accredits the programme on which the student is registered) will be offered a refund of half the total membership fee provided that the conditions specified below are met.

In order to qualify for this refund, a student will be required to:

  • apply for membership of the PI that accredits the programme on which they are registered.
  • apply for the cheapest student membership option available (this is normally the option to join for the ‘programme duration’ rather than the annual fee).
  • provide evidence of membership and the fee paid to the QA Manager / Student Services Office before the end (last day of the third term) of their first year (stage) of study.

Students will not be refunded for:

  • the cost incurred for joining a PI at a membership level other than student membership (or equivalent)
  • the cost incurred for joining more than one PI (including instances where a programme is accredited by more than one PI)
  • the cost incurred for joining an alternative PI (including in cases where the PI that accredits the programme does not charge for membership)
  • the cost incurred for membership options which extend beyond graduation (unless this is part of an agreed package between the PI and the College)
  • the cost incurred to extend the duration of membership for a repeat stage of study (including where this involves a change in programme)

Students will be informed of the Policy during their first stage of study. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are aware of the Policy, along with any associated events and communications from the College. The Policy will be displayed on the Student Intranet. PIs will be invited to periodically deliver membership talks / attend careers events at which applications for membership may be commenced (although students are encouraged to make applications independently).

It should be noted that many PIs do not charge a membership fee for students. It is the responsibility of the student to make themselves aware of any membership fee involved. Where appropriate, students are expected to take advantage of any membership offers/opportunities made by PIs, their local branches, or equivalent.

The term ‘Professional Institution (PI)’ in this document applies to any professional body / service / society / institution which awards accreditation / approval for programmes within CEMPS.


Quality Assurance Manager