Personal tutors

Every student is assigned to a Personal Tutor during Freshers’ Week in their first year.  Your Personal Tutor is your first port of call in matters relating to personal development, academic progress and welfare. They will also monitor your progress, and assist tutees in reviewing your achievements and skills.

This list is not exhaustive, however Personal Tutors are there to help you with matters such as:

  • Discussing your academic progress;
  • Helping you with academic problems;
  • Providing advice on module choices;
  • Giving you guidance and support if you are considering changing your programme, interrupting your studies, or withdrawing from the University;
  • Feeding back results and marks from examinations and assessments;
  • Advising you on effective study methods;
  • Speaking for you in the case of mitigation circumstances (e.g. prolonged illness);
  • Giving you guidance and support with personal problems, and advise you on other support available within the University
  • Writing job references;
  • Supporting you in your career development and help with your Personal Development Planning.

It is important that you maintain contact with your Personal Tutor. Tutors will arrange a number of meetings with their tutees across the year, in accordance with University Policy.  It is the responsibility of students to attend these meetings.  Personal Tutors are also available throughout the academic year in their office hours.

The name of your personal tutor is displayed in Student Record System (SRS). If you have any queries about how to contact your Personal Tutor, then please get in touch with your Student Services Office.

If your Personal Tutor is absent for a long period of time, due to illness or study leave, a stand-in Tutor will be assigned to you.

It is sometimes the case that, for whatever reason, students do not get on well with their Personal Tutor. If this is the case, simply go to the Student Services Office and ask for a transfer.  A reason does not need to be given, and no offence will be taken.

Senior Tutor

Each discipline also has a Senior Tutor who is responsible for the personal tutoring system within their discipline.  They are able to offer you further support and guidance in the absence of your Personal Tutor.

DisciplineSenior Tutor
Engineering Matt Eames
Geology, Mining & Minerals Engineering Kathryn Moore
Renewable Energy Kev Hughes
Mathematics & Computer Science Hugo Lambert
Physics & Astronomy Bill Barnes