Module choice

About modules

A module is a course of study which is assessed as a self-contained unit.  All award of credit at the University is linked to a module.  Every module at the University has a unique code.

The module prefix denotes the discipline:

  • ECM = Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics modules
  • PHY = Physics modules
  • CSM = Camborne School of Mines modules

The fourth character denotes the level of study:

  • ECM1xxx = level 1
  • ECM2xxx = level 2
  • ECM3xxx = level 3
  • ECMMxxx = level M

Modules have different durations and will normally either span the first, second or both terms of the academic year.  The credit value of modules may vary, although they are typically multiples of 15 (i.e. 15, 30 or 60 credits).

Choosing your modules

In March, undergraduate students will be asked to choose their modules for the following academic year via Online Module Selection. Students will be notified of this process by email in March.

Not all programmes will require optional modules to be chosen, students should refer to their programme specification for details of their programme structure.

Students must ensure that they register for the full amount of credits (120 for full-time undergraduates, usually 60 credits per term).

Wednesday afternoon preferences must also be indicated within the online module selection system - this information may be used for timetabling purposes.

Once a student completes online module selection they will receive an email from the system to confirm their choices. If you DO NOT receive this confirmation email then you have not completed the process correctly and will need to return to iExeter to confirm your choices.

Students must choose their modules in March so that the teaching timetable timetable can be built for the following academic year. Lectures will be scheduled in to appropriately sized rooms based on actual student numbers registered on modules. Failure to choose your full 120 credits in March may mean that your choices are limited in September due to timetabling and availability.

Changing your modules

Please note that all module changes are subject to timetabling, availability and prerequisite rules.

Module changes can be made up until the end of the second teaching week of term.

  • Changing to a module inside the College i.e. to another ECM**** or PHY**** module
  1. Check that the module that you’d like to take falls in line with your programme specification
  2. Check that you have taken any prerequisite modules, as detailed in the module descriptor
  3. Visit one of our module clinics or email with the modules you wish to add and delete – please include the module codes in your email i.e. ECM****

Module changes inside the College do not need to be approved by a Director of Education. Before we register you for your chosen module, we will carry out the necessary checks and inform you of any problems.

  • Changing to a module outside of the College i.e. any module that does not have a prefix of ECM, MTH or PHY.
  1. Ensure that your programme specification allows you to take a ‘free choice/elective’ module from anywhere in the University.
  2. Seek approval from the College who owns the module – visit one of their module clinics or send them an email.  They may ask you to complete a module change form.
  3. If approved, the appropriate College will register you for their module accordingly.
  4. Finally, inform us of which optional CEMPS module you would like to drop. (Either email us via or visit our module clinic.)

Please note that some modules gather huge interest from students all over the university, especially Business School modules. Other Colleges/disciplines may therefore set restrictions for students wishing to take their modules in order for their students to have first choice upon their arrival in September. For example, the Business School do not permit any student to select elective modules from outside their level of study until the start of term in September.

Students who are not able to select their elective choices until September should choose modules from their home discipline during Online Module Selection in March. This ensures that you are reserved a space on a module (and a seat in the room) should your elective choice not be successful.