The College has brand new study rooms and a fantastic Learning Resource Centre

Study facilities and resources

The University has state of the art libraries and learning resource facilities to assist you during your studies at Exeter. Across the University campuses there are several libraries, offering you a variety of study spaces for individual, quiet, silent, group and social learning.

In the College we have the Learning Resource Centre in the Harrison Building, and study rooms in the Physics Building. Within the Physics building we have an informal study area on the first floor and a quiet study area on the 7th floor (with an amazing view!) For a less formal study area, the Harrison foyer is always available to students looking for an area to work. All of our study areas also have access to the University's Wifi.

Within this section you will find information on the Libraries and Learning Resources within the College and across the University of Exeter campuses.

For more information about where to find computers around campus with the software you need, please see the Finding a computer page.