Disciplinary procedures

The University of Exeter is a community, and as members of this community students are expected to adhere to University rules and regulations, to show respect for persons and property, and to behave in a way that does not interfere with normal operations of the University. Where there is reason to believe that rules and regulations have been broken, and/or when the behaviour of a student falls below the expected standards, Disciplinary Procedures will be instigated by authorised staff.

In general terms, disciplinary offences are likely to fall into one of the categories below:

  • Actions which cause actual or potential distress or harm to others;
  • Actions which cause actual or potential damage to property of others;
  • Actions which may cause reputational damage to the University, particularly instances where this may prevent or disrupt the normal functioning of the University;
  • Actions which impede or interfere with the pursuance of work/ study of University members, or impact on normal operations of the University.

A member of staff who has reason to believe that a student is not behaving responsibly will first discuss the matter with the student concerned.  If this does not produce a satisfactory solution then the student's personal tutor will be approached, then the Head of Department (or delegated person) who may instigate  procedures, or refer the student to the Dean of Taught Faculty.

In all but the most severe cases of unsatisfactory behaviour, you will be warned, in accordance with University procedures and given chances to improve your behaviour. You will normally receive an informal warning, then a College level written warning. If you fail to resolve the issues as set out in that warning, the College will report the student to the Dean of Taught Faculty and recommend appropriate action. Ultimately, failure to respond to measures put in place may lead to you being withdrawn from the University.

Please also see the Disciplinary Procedure of the University.