The University Regulations clearly specify the requirements for student attendance.  In particular, all students must ‘be in attendance as appropriate to their programme of study by the first day of term and must remain in attendance until the last day of term’.  Further details about term dates are available on the Academic year information.

No student may be absent from any assigned academic activities, except for illness, unless you are explicitly informed otherwise, or without prior permission from the Director of Education for the discipline concerned.

Student attendance is monitored by the College through a variety of different methods, including the taking of registers. Absence and/or missed coursework hand-in’s will result in a formal warning being issued and held on your student file.

Please also refer to the University Code of Good Practice for Unsatisfactory Progress regarding how the College acts upon continued non attendance.


Reporting absences

If you are absent from any class, for any reason, you must report this by logging into ‘MyExeter’.  In your ‘Favourites’ menu click onto ‘Report Absence’. This will take you into the absence reporting system.

You can report any absence within two weeks of the current date.  From here you need to locate the class you have missed (or will miss) and click on it.  When prompted you need to enter a ‘Reason for Absence’ from the drop down menu and ‘Full Supporting Information’ in the box below.  You also need to inform your module tutor as soon as possible, either in person, by phone, or by email.

For cases of illness lasting six successive days or longer, you must obtain a sick note from either the University doctor, or your own doctor, and hand this in to your Student Services Office.

If the illness significantly affects your performance or work across the whole assessment, module, or level of study, you may apply to the Mitigation Committee for consideration of the impact of your illness on assessed work.

The procedures relating to medical certification, and the Personal Sickness Certificate can be downloaded from the University Guidance Notes and Statement of Procedures: Student Illness.

Students should also refer to the University Student Health Centre regarding any matters of ill health.


Tier 4 students

A system called the Points Based System (PBS) was introduced in the UK in 2008.  International students who are studying in the UK on a Tier 4 visa are required to have their attendance at University monitored by PBS. We are obliged to report to the Home Office any non-attendance of students, which could result in your student visa being removed. 

It is therefore vital that you attend all mandatory seminars, lectures, labs, etc.  If you have a good reason for missing a teaching event, you should report your absences following the above steps as soon as possible.  Alternatively you can email You will receive a warning if you miss too many classes, and will be required to meet with University staff before the reporting stage is reached.

Students who are in the UK on a Tier 4 visa should be aware that continued non-engagement with your programme will result in the University withdrawing you from your programme and reporting you to the Home Office, risking possible deportation.

Advice for International students on healthcare in the UK