Natural Sciences Freshers 2017

Welcome to the Department of Natural Sciences, a programme jointly delivered by the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences and the College of Life and Environmental Sciences. We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Exeter and working with you for the time you are with us.

Details of your Academic Induction timetable can be found below, and will also be available electronically from the beginning of September once you have activated your iExeter account. Please note that while there will be events scheduled throughout Freshers' Week, your main Academic Induction will take place on the dates below. We ask that you contact us immediately if you think that you will not be able to attend your Academic Induction.

Undergraduate Academic Induction Timetable - Tuesday 19th September & Thursday 21st September

*Your timetable will appear here shortly

For now, we suggest you read through the University's main Information for New Students page to familiarise yourself with any tasks you need to complete before and as you arrive. If you have any specific questions about your programme in the meantime, please contact